How To Get In To a Sold-Out Concert

Who hasn’t been a situation where you’ve ended up with no tickets for a concert by your favourite artist? No matter how hard you try sometimes you’ll be left without tickets. So what do you do when this happens? In this blog, we’ll look at your options to get that hot ticket.


Try to find tickets before you go

There are lots of channels you can buy tickets from on the second-hand market. Classified websites can sometimes have tickets for your show. If you’re buying from a classified site like eBay I would recommend consulting their guide to buying second hand tickets to keep yourself safe. There are also other quasi-official websites that specialise in second-hand tickets.


For example, Get Me In, run by Ticketmaster is an open marketplace dedicated to live events tickets. Here the seller sets the value of the ticket and it is put into a marketplace with other sellers selling tickets. This, in theory, allows the buyer to choose the best price and purchase a ticket for their event. In reality, this means that there are tickets on sale for above face value, but all tickets are guaranteed, meaning you’ll get entry to your event with a genuine ticket or your money back.


Trying to get them on the night

If you still haven’t found your tickets before the show, then if you read on these tips might just get you in.

First of all, your best chance of getting them on the night is to head to the venue. You may be in luck and the box office might have returns. Check there first. If you’re still out of luck wander around the venue and look for people outside the venue. You will soon find the people who are selling tickets. You will hear phrases like “extra ticket” or “now I’m stuck with a seat I don’t need” and “I don’t think I can sell it.” These are the people who may well turn out to be your heroes. Remember what they look like.


Look for other people scanning around like you are. Good sellers, like good buyers don’t stand in the same spot. They will likely be on the hunt for buyers as much as you are on the lookout for sellers. The international sign of spare tickets is a hand lifted up in the air around the venue. Usually, these will be touts or scalpers. Enquire with them what type of tickets they have, but don’t give too much away. They are more than likely going to try to charge you way over face value, so never show them your money. They will take everything you have. If you are really stuck, you might be able to negotiate with them later.


People selling tickets won’t want to miss the show, so as you get closer to show time the more desperate these people will be to get rid. They want to get in and settled as much as you are. The bottom line is people want to get rid of their tickets before the show, they are no use to anyone after the show, so you might even get a decent deal from a tout by this time.


I hope these steps have given you some ideas on how to bag tickets, but as always, there is a chaos factor, so good luck!

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